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My own testimony Merlin Bolin C,I. PH. D.

In 1984 I gave blood at a school blood drive. The attendant told me they could not accept my blood, but could not tell me why as he offered me some doughnuts. I was in good health, played racquet ball twice a week and felt great. I thought the guy was nuts, probably got my blood mixed up (they were busy) and forgot all about it.

I gave lectures about diabetes for the University and The American Botanical Society. I lectured the usual folly about blindness and kidney failure. About checking your blood sugar levels and being careful as to what you eat.

My diabetes started as a stomach problem. I did the usual herbs to no effect. I finally went to a Medical Doctor. They ran test after test but found nothing. This lasted for years. I would wake up in the morning with sour stomach and have dry heaves that lasted all day. The problem would come and go for years.

I went with my Doctor to a special session with the Center for Disease Control, a satellite hook up with three Doctors. My Doctor told the Doctors at the meeting I have a Ph. D. In Herbology and had worked in Autopsy for 7 years and could keep up. The final decision was I had E-Coli 13 which is always fatal in 6 months but I had been kept alive by doing my herbs for 4 years.

I awoke once on my kitchen floor in a pool of blood and realized I had passed out. I went to the Emergency Room but they never found anything wrong.

I later had a foot injury. It did not heal after several months. My toe started turning black. I realized my foot was dead and had to be amputated. Doctor after Doctor said all I needed was drugs to cure the foot. I finally checked in the Hospital ER. I told the Doctor on call my foot was dead and needed to be amputated. He called a surgeon. I told the surgeon I had worked in Autopsy. I worked on hundreds of people who had feet that looked like mine. It has to come off. He asked what my blood sugar was. I didn’t know

A quick blood test showed 361. I was stunned, after years and years of decreasing health, I finally knew. I am a diabetic. Why had no one checked? Why did the attendant back in 1984 not tell me my Blood Sugar was high? Why?

The reason for my stomach problems was a dying pancreas. 60% of all digestion starts in the pancreas.

After amputation the hospital put me on 130 units of insulin every day. They told me to take the 12 hour Insulin every morning and night. Like a fool I did that. They told me to do 3 blood test every day and if I was over 150 to do one unit for each degree I was over.

The dry heaves came back with a vengeance. I would go for days without eating. My health was horrible. I had lost 54 pounds, my hair turned white. My teeth were rotten. I was allergic to the 12 hour insulin.

I was studying and trying to learn how to handle this disease. One night I was watching “Dlife” on MSNBC. There was a panel of 6 Doctors, three on each side. One side argued to do insulin, eat low carbs and remain active. The other side said to do a healthy diet and remain active. I suddenly realised The Doctors don’t know. They don’t know. They are arguing different diets, different forms of activity, but all said to do insulin.

There has to be an answer.

Merlin’s Tea is one of Elizabeth Bolins creations. She brought many of the blends with her from Wales in the 1800s. The Tea was Trade Marked in 1928. The subtitle says “Ancient tales of Wonder and Magic”. As a young boy I heard many of the tales and now attribute to them. Merlin’s Tea has brought my Blood Sugar to control. I sometimes use the tincture. The ingredients are:
  • Bilberry Leaf; to aid in vision. During WWII the English pilots were instructed to use Bilberry
  • .Blueberry leaf; to balance blood sugar levels
  • Alfalfa; Assimilation of all vitamins and mineral
  • Peppermint; To make it taste good
  • Ginkgo Biloba and Eletherou (Siberian Ginseng); to establish circulation to the feet and toes
  • Dandelion and Uva Ursi; To help rid the body of sugar without depleting potassium. Aid to Kidneys
  • Cinnamon; recent studies confirm cinnamon to balance blood sugar
  • Stevia; to help rebuild the pancreas.
I realized every day is different. I have a meter that tells me In an instant what my blood sugar level IS!

That number now dictates to me what I do every day. What to eat, how much activity I do. If I can drink a beer and even how much sleep I need for that Day. As I have studied I now realise how much illness in America correlates to Blood Sugar

1. When a child is diagnosed with ADD, first check his sugar to see if it is elevated.
2. When a person is diagnosed with mental illness, check the sugar to see if it is too low.
3. When a person has sour stomach, check the sugar level
4. If a person is diagnosed with Asthma, check the sugar level
5. All nervous disorders should check blood sugar
6. When a person has the shakes, again, check the blood sugar

It is so basic. A quick blood sugar reading is cheap. If that is not the problem, continue with the diagnostic
I am not dealing with Juvenal Diabetes. That is a whole different problem and should have a separate name. But as I have studied, I have realized Onset Diabetes is caused by;

1. Inactivity and usually weight gain
2. Dehydration
3. Beef
4. Dairy
5. Coffee
6. Cola

This is my personal chart. It works for me. I have not done Insulin for almost 2 years as of Sept 1 2007. My health is improving.
First reading; the most important

over 400 I would take insulin and check in the emergency room

300 - 400 I would take 20 cc emergency insulin, Call my Doctor, go to the beach to exercise vigorous. Drink one cup Merlin’s Tea every hour. Recheck every hour till the reading comes down. 3/4 quarts water.

200 - 300 I would take 10 cc emergency insulin and go to the beach for vigorous exercise. One cup of Merlin’s Tea or tincture every hour as well as re-checking my blood sugar every hour till it is safe. 3/4 quarts water for the day.

150 - 200 Go outdoors to exercise vigorously. Recheck every hour till it is safe. One cup Merlin’s Tea or one dose tincture every hour till it is safe.

135 - 150 This is high for me. No insulin. One dose Merlin’s Tincture every hour till I check the reading again at noon. Absolutely no carbs or fruit today. NONE! Meat, Fish, Salad and Tea for my diet today. Exercise and make sure I get 3/4 quarts water today.

115 - 135 This is my normal range. No insulin. Normal one cup Merlin’s Tea or 12 drops tincture. One bowl oatmeal, no sugar but a little Tupelo Honey. One Orange whole. Possibly an open face sandwich ( one slice of bread ) at lunch and depending on third reading to determine dinner. Usual Meat, Fish, Salad and Tea for food. Eat when I am hungry, usually 6 times a day. I can eat one handful of nuts today. ½ gallon to 3/4 quarts water for the day. Possibly one beer.

100 - 115 These reading don’t happen very often, but I like them when they do. These are the days I can eat lots of fruit before noon and have a whole sandwich at lunch. I still have to be careful and make sure I do both reading at noon and 6 PM. At least ½ gallon water today , possibly one beer or one mixed drink.Less than 100. I’m in danger of passing out. I need a candy bar or some ice cream right away. 1/3 dropper licorice root tincture. Sit down and rest. Recheck sugar level every hour till I am safe. Try to figure why Blood Sugar was so low. It has only happened to me twice in several years. So I don’t normally stock candy and ice cream.

Now that I am a diabetic I am amazed at the ignorance of Medical Doctors and Nutritionist. I continually read articles about no sugar deserts. Wonderful diabetic candy bars and meal replacement drinks. I am a diabetic. Never again will a candy bar (unless my sugar is dangerously low) pass my lips. I buy potato chips for my staff, but could not phantom opening a package. I have learned from experience. The last time I ate a package (small) of potato chips, my sugar was over 410 and I went to the hospital. Cake, pie, doughnuts and sugar are killers. They kill diabetics. I eat mashed “potatoes” made from Cauliflower with butter and garlic. My birthday cake is a no-sugar jellow mold to be sure I will have another one.
I have read in many diabetic articles that high Fructose corn syrup is no different than sugar and easier to digest. The problem they do not tell you is that high fructose blocks the hormone that tells you are full. If you do not feel full you will eat and drink more. Why do you think the manufactures put so much of this poison in their soda and snack foods. So you will eat and drink more and increase their profits. Do not allow it in your homes.
Diabetics have the same choice all people have. We can be blind and ingest all kinds of poison in our systems or use the natural herb stevia. The FDA will not allow stevia to be used as a sweetener, or sold for that reason. At Herbs by Merlin.com we sell stevia as a natural herb from the Rain Forest. And I can legally give a testimony; I feel it has started to heal my pancreas. It just happens to be 300 times sweeter than sugar with no calories, carbs or caffeine. But we do not sell it as a sweetener. When you add it to you food, be careful not to use too much as it will turn bitter tasting in excess.
A person needs proper blood sugar to think properly. Some say we use 70% of our blood sugar in mental thought process. This is why mental ill people should be tested for blood sugar irregularities before visiting a mental health care practioner. I recently met with a Mother who’s child had been seen a Physiologist for years with no help. I asked the Mother what the childes blood sugar readings were. She did not know. I tested her. Her Blood Sugar was 61. She has adjusted her daughter diet, keeps her sugar readings over 100 and no longer visits the Phycologists. The child is happy and healthy. Straight A student.

When the sugar levels are too high, the corpuscle will not fit in the regular blood vessels to feed the brain, eyes and kidney. An excessively high sugar corpuscle will be as much as 7 times too large. Thus is why diabetics can be mentally unbalanced, have kidney failure and go blind. Check you sugar level at least 3 times a day.
At Herbs by Merlin.com we do not believe in capsules or sell them. But there is an exception for every rule. Chromium is the exception here. We need the pancreases to put out natural insulin. We need Chromium to set up the receptors in every cell of the body to properly receive the insulin. Chromium also helps the body to feel full and thus eliminate excessive eating.
Every person is an individual. Blood types are different. What works for me may not work for you. There are some basic truths like checking your sugar readings. Eat a healthy diet. Exercises and keep a positive attitude. As for me, this works. I have found I am allergic to Glucafosh and 12 hour type N insulin but can take type R insulin. I buy a new bottle of R insulin and keep for emergencies. I replace the unopened bottle every 3 months.


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