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The fives are my personal beliefs. Not regulated or approved by the FDA Merlin Bolin PhD, CI

All are 20% of the healing process, none more important than the others, all equal
1. SLEEP 7-8 hours every night. Your body can not heal without rest.
2. STRESS This is individual, but every person needs to control stress.
The definition of exercise is to raise your heart rate for 20 mins at least 3 times a week. Best to do out door, no sunglasses.
4. NUTRITION To live, eat live food. To die, eat dead food, fried or frozen. We were created to live in a garden. Herbal teas and tinctures are live food.
5. BELIEF If you believe it, it will happen. If you don't it won't.

1. CLEAN, BUILD, REST, REPEAT Every 28 days to remain healthy.

The number one herbal question is "How often do you have a bowel movement?" The answer should be 3 times a day to totally evacuate the colon. 45% of all disease starts in the colon. Most if these diseases can not be cured till the colon is clean. Many so called "cures" are dangerous to a person who does not have BM because the toxins are trapped in the system. A person should do a coloc cleans once a year.

3. PARASITES 45% of all disease starts with parasites. You can not be cured till you eliminate the source. The disease will only get worse as the parasites mature and expand.
4. RESISTANCE Any herb you use for more than six weeks, you will build a resistance to it. That is why nature provided so many sister herbs.
5. CENTER There are 87,000 herbs listed with primary healing purpose. Once a person is at center, or cured, there is no longer a need for herb.

1. ALFALFA The body gets every vitamin and mineral it needs from Alfalfa.
2. GINKGO Anti-Aging, Antioxidant, Pycnogenol. Never use American Ginkgo. HBM only uses Ginkgo from China.
3. HAWTHON Heart muscle, impotency, energy, cholesterol.
4. THD Thyroid, mood swings. Controls nerve system.
5. A) SAW PALMETTO MEN; prostrate gland
  B) RED RASPBERRY FEMALE; hormonal balance

1. BEEF/DAILY Mammals store toxins in fat. Beef fat is marbled through out the product. beef is injected with female hormones, growth hormones, steroids, and antibiotics. DAIRY; Causes mucus to form in the lungs and throat
2. ANTI-PERSPERANT Blocks cleaning of the lymp systems.
3. COFFEE/COLA Caffeine is an addictive drug that flushed magnesium. Without magnesium there is no assimilation of Calcium. Decaf turns to formaldehyde in the transverse colon. Cola is better known as battery acid. Carbonation dissolves teeth and bones.
4. CHLORINE Catch 22. You need chlorine to kill organic substances in your water. We are organic. Get it out of your shower as well as your drinking water.
5. WHITE Never eat anything white, bread, rice, pasta, Use REAL whole wheat or brown rice.


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