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"Fertility" is my personal belief. Not regulated or approved by the FDA
The classic formula for fertility is;
The female is 6 parts estrogen, one part testosterone.
The man is 6 part testosterone, one part estrogen.

To support the natural hormonal balance;
The female should take Damiana Ticture twice a day. 1/3 dropper full for 6 days.
The male should take
Sarsparilla Tincture twice a day. 1/3 dropper full for 6 days.
On the 7th day they switch for one day only 1/3 dropper full twice a day.

Repeat until pregnant
For the health of the child, a couple should follow the "Five by Merlin", adhear
to a good clean diet, exercise, drink plenty of water and stop smoking.
Read and follow the pregnant sheet


Herbs by Merlin packages almost 1,000 herbal products.

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